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Organisations internationales


Board of Auditors

President: Victor Otal Bellido Spain
Auditor: Teodor Bentu Romania
Auditor: Dhiaeddine Louati Tunisia
Substitute Auditor: Sean Warner USA

Environment Commission

President: Abdou Diouf Senegal
Delegate of the FIPSed: Igor Chinyakov FIPSed/Russia
Delegate of the Fips-Mer Alberto Marchi FIPS-Mer/Italy
Delegate of the Fips-Mouche Jerzy Kowalski FIPS-Mouche/Poland

Youth Commission

President: John Knight United States of America
Delegate of the FIPSed: Eric Humphreys FIPSed/Wales
Delegate of the Fips-Mer Juan Barreda FIPS-Mer/Spain
Delegate of the Fips-Mouche Edoardo Ferrero FIPS-Mouche/Italy

Anti-doping Tribunal

President: dr. José Luis Bruna Spain
Member of the Commission: dr. Gianrodolfo Ferrari Italy
Member of the Commission dr. Paolo Mantegazza Italy

Medical Commission TUE

President: dr. Ferdinando Tripi Italy
Member of the Commission: dr. Hubert Waldheim Germany
Member of the Commission dr. Maria Silvia Amaddii Italy
Consultant of the Commission dr. Josef Dolezal Czech Republic

Athletes Commission

detailed information:>>>
President: Greig Brown FIPSed/Channel Islands
Member : Tomasz Solka FIPSed/Poland
Member: Stephane Millez FIPS-Mer/Switzerland
Member: Marcin Wisniewski FIPS-Mer/Poland
Member: Jarkko Suominen FIPS-Mouche/Finland
Member: Misako Ishimura FIPS-Mouche/Japan

Equality Commission

Chairwoman: Barbara Durante Italy
Member: Jill Mandeno New Zealand
Member: Marion Piotter Germany
Member: Helen Rainsford Ireland

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