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World and Regional Championships in 2020


The International Sport Fishing Confederation (CIPS) was born on 22nd February, 1952 in Rome with the signature of the official papers and the drawing up of the statutes in the Honour Room of the Italian National Olympic Commettee (C.O.N.I.).

The International Sport Fishing Confederation is an Organization of universal nature which has the goal to promote, coordinate and improve all the activities in touch with the fishing from a sporting point of view.

Its sporting, technical, scientific or cultural activities are opened to all regardless of race, social, politics, gender or religion, according to the principles of the Olympic ideal.

The CIPS action stretches all over the world. It is the only organization which represents the great community of sport fishermen. Currently 152 National Federations from 78 countries and one international fishing organisation, representing alltogether about 50 million members are belonging to CIPS.

The head office of the CIPS is located in Rome, Palazzo Delle Federazioni, viale Tiziano 70.

The International Sport Fishing Confederation is structured on three international sport fishing federations: the International Fresh Water Sport Fishing Federation (FIPS-ed), the International Fly Sport Fishing Federation (FIPS-Mouche), the International Sea Sport Fishing Federation (FIPS-M). The International Casting Sport Fishing Federation (ICSF) is associated member of the CIPS.

Under the aegis of the CIPS, the International Federations organize every year World championships, European Championships and others international events. Since 2000, C.I.P.S. has been organizing three editions of Mondiaux, the Sport Fishing Games, where all sport fishing disciplines are represented. The last Mondiaux has taken place in 2019 8-17 February, in South Africa

- 41st Congress of the CIPS 7-9 May 2020
- 9th World Recreational Fishing Conference (WRCF)28 June - 2 July


- World and zone championships in fresh waters 2019
- World and zone championships in sea waters 2019
- World and zone Fly Championships in 2019


Death of Fortuné Jaguelin

The International Sport Fishing Confederation’s Presidium (CIPS) is very sad of communicating the loss of Mr. Fortuné Jaguelin (91) passed away Sunday 15 december 2019.

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