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Report on the participation of CIPS at the 31st Session of CGPM

1. In its capacity of observer member of the General Commission for Fishing in the Mediterranean as from January 2006, CIPS attended the 31st session of this organisation, at FAO headquarters in Rome. The CIPS delegation was composed of Mr. Marcel Ordan, CIPS President, and Mr. Ferenc Szalay, CIPS Vice-President.

The session was attended by delegates from the 19 member countries of CGPM, and by observers, including CIPS, ICCAT, Médisamac, etc. The chair of the session was Mr. Mohammed Hadjali Salem, President of CGPM. Mr. De Castro, the Italian minister for agriculture, also attended the meeting.

2. The session.

The agenda of this session was the following.

1. Opening of the session
2. Adoption of the agenda
3. Report on the intersession activities in 2006
4. Meeting of the Application Committee
5. Administrative and financial report
6. Amendments to the Bye-Laws
7. Mediterranean fishing management
8. Conclusions of the Application Committee
9. Working programme for the intersession period 2007.
10. The budget of CGPM
11. Miscellaneous
12. Date and place of the thirty-second session
13. Adoption of the report.

3. Several recommendations were made and discussed, namely:
- on the implementation of a matrix on the tasks of CGPM
- on the creation of geographical sub-zones within the zone of competence of CGPM.
- on the dimension of 40 mm square mesh size for the trawl of fishing boats exploiting sea resources
- on the Pelagos sanctuary for the conservation of marine mammals

The following recommendations from ICCAT have also been discussed and adopted
- on the implementation of a pluriannual programme for reintroducing bluefin tuna in the Eastern Atlantic and in the Mediterranean
- on the fattening of the bluefin tuna
- establishing a programme for transshipments it must be noted at this point that decisions of ICCAT and consequently the confirmations for the Mediterranean by CGPM are unfavourable for sporting anglers as the increase in minimum size of the bluefin tuna (30 kg instead of 10 kg) endanger the organization of sporting sessions and angling tourist programmes which constitute important events for tourism and fishing for sporting purposes. Our delegation shared this viewpoint with the representative of Médisamak, who also disagrees of the increase. The Italian minister for agriculture, Mr. De Castro also made reservations with regard to this decision.

Mr. Corrado Piccinettl, President of the Advisory Scientific Committee of CGPM gave a report on the activities implemented by CSC and its subsidiary bodies. He emphasized the efforts made in order to intensify multidisciplinary initiatives and to increase cooperation with competent organizations. From our point of view we would like to emphasize the survey of the Environment Sub-Committee and the marine ecosystems concerning questions linked to the impact of fishing on protected and endangered species, and the strengthening of the cooperation with international partners, among them GPS.

4. In the working programme for the 2007 intersession period a workshop will be organized on < the use of socio-ecological indicators in the area of the management of fishing, in particular with regard to leisure time fishing and fishing for sporting purposes > that will be organized from 19 to 21 March 2007 in Libya. CGPM counts on CIPS participation in the work of this working group. We have confirmed to them that CIPS is very much interested in the matter.

5. The date and place of the next session has been fixed for mid-February 2008 in Rome,

6. We can surely state that the participation of CIPS at this session of CGPM was extremely useful concerning the further development of the main topics in fishing for sporting purposes. CIPS has been cited on several occasions concerning fishing for sporting purposes. We also had the opportunity to contact various leaders and experts in the area of fishing.

7. We also contacted the department in charge of Internal Waters within the Division for Fishing of FAO so that we can also participate in activities with regard to fresh waters - our intention has been acknowledged and welcome by CGPM.

Budapest-Marseille, January 15, 2007

Marcel Ordan, président                 Ferenc Szalay, vice-président

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