45th CIPS Congress 2024 – official calling

45th CIPS Congress 2024 The convocation for the 45th CIPS Congress is online. The organisers have set up an online registration page. Each delegate will have to fill in the required fields in order to register at https://forms.gle/9x7iYX8H4auiPsvH7 The documents will be published before the Congress on the official CIPS website 45ème Congrès de la […]

44.congress: Minutes of General Assembly

Minutes of the 44th CIPS Congress – Rome, April 27 – 30 2023, the 44th CIPS Congress took place in Rome, Italy. Procès-verbal du 44ème Congrès de la CIPS – Rome, 27 – 30 avril 2023, s’est tenue à Rome, Italie, le 44ème Congrès de la CIPS.

45th CIPS Congress 2024

Dear All, in annex you find the program of the 45th CIPS Congress, which will take place in Cape Town, South Africa, from 17th to 21st April 2024. We ask you to inform us if your Federation is going to participate at this Congress, in order to give the organisers the possibility to assess the […]

43.congress: General Assembly

The CIPS 43rd Congress general assembly. Many discussions and much planning occurred to advance sport fishing. Thank you to all attendees and to our Mexican hosts. See you next year in Sofia! Adios!!

42.congress: Comano Terme Italy

The 42nd CIPS Congress has concluded and great discussions were had with all Federations for sports fishing’s future. Thank you to all delegates and guests that attended in Grand Hotel Terme di Comano

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